Top 30 The Most Terrifying Things That Belong To Nature


Our planet is huge and only a small part of it has been discovered and studied. And this known part still surprises us and hides many things that can shock and terrify us. So we want to tell you about 30 the most terrifying things that belong to nature. Have fun!

1. A Car Size Crab

In Japan was discovered a new kind of crabs called Japanese spider crabs. They can grow to the size of 13 feet, you can compare with a family car size. If you are already afraid, let me calm you down: these creatures live in Japan only. And even if you go to Japan to see them, it will be pretty difficult. Spider crabs inhabit the ocean bottom on a very big depth. So do not worry, you can feel safe for now.

2. The Prehistoric Whale With 14-Inch Teeth

The first positive thing I would like to tell you is that this whale does not exist anymore. We should be glad about that. The prehistoric whale is called Livyatan Melvilli. It got this name from Herman Melville (“Moby-Dick” author), and the Bible sea monster (which was huge by the way).

The creature had the same size as a sperm whale, but with one important difference: its teeth were about 14-inches long. This monster was carnivore and it ate other whales basically.

So looking back on these facts, we should be very happy that we do not live in the times of Livyatan Melvilli whale and that modern whales are so cute, friendly and they eat tiny shrimp and plankton only.

3. The Biggest Dinosaur Ever

The Amphicoelias Fragillimus was as huge as you can not even imagine. The scientists claim that it was the largest life form among the land-based live forms ever.

Though there is only one bone of this dinosaur found, the paleontologists managed to define its approximate size. To give you an idea of how big it was, try to remember and imagine King Kong. So the Amphicoelias Fragillimus was as much tall that it could walk over King Kong. Pretty impressing fact. And again we should be happy that the biggest creature in our world is peaceful and friendly whale.

4. The Thousand-Pound Cat

Meet liger! A liger is an offspring of a lion and a tiger, what is pretty obvious judging by the name. A liger combines all the strongest features of its parents and at the same time does not have their weak points. The sizes of a liger can impress you as well: its weight is about a half-ton, the length is up to 12 feet and its mouth is as big as a human head. It is also capable to reach speeds of 60 miles per hour, so there is no chance to run away. The most famous liger in the world is Hercules. At the age of 3 Hercules was already much more massive and bigger than his parents.

5. Antlers Twice the Size of a Man

The ancestors of modern deer could terrify anyone. Those ancient deer were more like bears with the huge, giant antlers. The antlers were used as a weapon in a fight in which only one could survive. The deer were quite aggressive especially in the mating season. So it would be better for our ancestors to avoid them during this time.

6. A Fly With Giant Sperm

What could be unusual about a fruit fly? You might say “It is just a fly that often bothers us when we eat something tasty. Nothing special.”

Well, it could be so, but this fly can astonish you with some of its characteristics. It sounds weird but sperm of a fruit fly is really giant. In particular the sperm is 20 size bigger than a fly itself. There is only one question: why does a fly need such a giant sperm? Nature is sometimes weird and unpredictable.

7. A Fungus the Size of a Small Airport

Imagine a fungus. Now imagine New York Central Park. Now try to imagine a fungus that has size of three Central Parks. And it really exists. I know that now you are picturing a huge mushroom in your head. But in is not like that. Let me explain. When you see a mushroom, you see just a tiny part of its organism. The roots of the fungus are spread underground on huge distances. So it was discovered that honey mushrooms covered an area of 2,200 acres (or 3.5 square miles). And there is more about it. Scientists believe that the fungus is about 2,400-years old.

8. Bear Size Beavers

During the period of the last ice age North America was inhabited by Casteroides, giant beavers that had height up to eight feet. Their weight was about 220 lb. And they really were the size of a black bear.

9. A Crow Can Recognize Your Face

It is already well-known fact that crows are very smart birds. They have an ability to recognize human face, especially of those who threatened them or their living place. Crows can keep these memories during their lifetime. Additionally crows live about 15 years, so if you ever hurt a crow, you would be better be more attentive and careful.

10. Crow Language

It is considered now that crows use their own special language. Also as well as human languages, the language of the crows has its dialects. It means that the language varies from place to place. Another interesting fact is that crows can make fun of each other, play tricks and make tools. So it is better not to disturb these birds or you can be sorry later.

11. Lizard That Shoots Blood From Its Eyes

It really sounds pretty scary and ugly. Such a kind of a toad as the horned toad has threatens its enemies in a very unusual way. It has blood filled sinuses close to his eyes, so when it feels danger it squirts blood at predators. The cephalopods act in almost the same way: when they feel not safe they squirt ink.

12. A Fir Tree In Human Lung

Russian Artyom Sidorkin at the age of 28 was hospitalized with suspicion of lung cancer. But when surgeons were performing an operation they found a piece of a fir tree two-inch long. The story ended fortunately for the patient.

13. This Island Of Deadly Snakes

There is an island called Ilha de Queimada Grande in Brazil. The island is inhabited but not with human beings, it is occupied by golden lancehead vipers. These snakes are deadly poisonous and every human attempt to occupy the island led to tragic end. There is about one to five deadly vipers per square metre so you would better think twice before going to the island. And even if you visit, you should stay on a boat just in case.

14. Giant Hornet

A giant hornet four inches long lives in Japan. This hornet can be dangerous for people, because its poison can dissolve skin of a human. By the way Japanese hornet is also among the creatures that have the most painful sting. The hornet occupies the third place just right after the tarantula hawk and the bullet ant.

15. Spider-Wasp

Tarantula also has its enemies and it is a spider-wasp. The spider-wasp eats tarantula. But first before eating, the spider-wasp stings the tarantula, paralyzes it and stuffs it with its eggs. While the tarantula is still alive the wasp buries it and then its babies hatch and eat the tarantula.

16. Struggle For Life Between Unborn Sand Tiger Sharks

While sand tiger shark carries its babies in its uterus baby sharks start eating each other, so only those who will survive will be born.

17. Flying Stingrays

It is amazing but stingrays have an ability to fly. In the water they accelerate to a high speed and jump out the water surface, so it looks like they really fly.

18. Beavers Can Give Us Vanilla Flavour

People discovered that we can take fake vanilla flavour from beavers, in particular from their anal scent glands. There is a hope we do not use making pies.

19. The Squid With Teeth

Nature does not stop surprising us. Promachoteuthis Sulcus is a squid, very rare and deep sea. It is well known for its unique characteristic – it has teeth and looks like tentacles that surround a human mouth. But actually these are not teeth, it is just an illusion. Researchers discovered that what seems to be teeth are just unusual squid lips.

20. The Happy Face Spider

The Theridion grallatora is commonly known as the Happy Face Spider. Sometimes I think that nature makes fun on us. This spider has a bright yellow colour and something like a smile on its back to warn others that it is dangerous to come close to it.

21. Cthulhu Larva (or Abyssal Sea Cucumber)

The Deep Sea Holothurian or in other words abyssal sea cucumber is a creature that can bring terror and cause disgust. Its length is a couple of inches only, it does not have face and it eats mud. Never in my life I would like to see with my own eyes.

22. A Spider with Arms and Claws

In fact it is not a spider. It is tailless scorpion specie called Amblypygi. Fortunately for everyone this scorpion does not have venom, it lives in tropic climate in forests and caves. Looking at such a creature it is hard to believe it is harmless, but it is so and we are happy about that.

23. The Giraffe Weevil

The giraffe weevil lives on Madagascar. This insect is interesting by its body proportions. It has huge body comparing with its head and an extremely long neck. Well, that is why it was called the giraffe weevil.

24. The Mata Mata Mutant Turtle

The mata mata is a turtle from the South America. We used to thinks that turtles are pretty nice creatures, but this one does not look cute at all. Their exterior camouflage is hideous and its proportions are impressive: a shell size is up to 18 inches and a body weigh is about 33 pounds. Luckily for us the mata mata is as peaceful as other turtles.

25. Aye Aye Lemur

Madagascar is obviously full of surprises. It is a home of an aye aye lemur. Though it is a lemur you would not want to stroke it. The aye aye lemur has extremely over-sized fingers and there is almost no fur. This lemur is endangered, so now our duty is to take care of it.

26. Star Nosed Mole

Another creature that is hard to believe really exists. The star nosed mole is up to eight-inches long, it is almost blind and it has star nose (well I would not say it looks like a star, but okay, let it be a star) which serves as a sensory organ.

27. The Big Red Jellyfish

The big red jellyfish has length about 10 feet, it inhabits deep in the sea and it does not have pleasant look at all. These jellyfish are very rare, so scientists know not much about them. They can not eve say for sure what eat or how they eat.

28. Barreleye Or The Transparent Head Fish

A barreleye is a deep sea fish with a transparent head. It has eyes inside of its head that always look upward trying to find fish. Very weird creature.

29. Wolf Trap

The wolf-trap anglerfish or a wonderfish lives deep underwater. It has some kind of an outgrowth on its head, that looks like a fishing pole and it is used as a fishing pole to find and catch fish. The wolf-trap is called so because they have huge upper jaws, much more massive than lower, and when a fish comes close enough the jaws close like a wolf trap.

30. Sheepshead

And finally a creature that closes our list. Someone can even become jealous of these pearly white teeth of the sheepshead. Their purpose is quite obvious, the sheepshead uses it to chew food. Well, not exactly to chew, but to crack very hard and firm crab exterior skeleton and to chomp down its claws. It is hard to imagine how much strong jaw it has if it eats crabs. It is very impressive and amazing but no one would like to be bitten by such a fish.

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