Transgender Essay. Who Are They?


Around the theme of transgenderism there are many myths, prejudices and misconceptions, so we decided in this essay on transgender write about who are actually transgender people and to answer the most common questions and misconceptions. On our website we present you a lot of different essays that you can use.

Wikipedia says that transgender people are people who have a gender identity, or gender expression, that differs from their assigned sex. In our time even western society is traditionally considered more tolerant than the east that is not able to embrace people that are different from the conventional "norm". Transgender is still considered by sociologists as an object of discrimination, which sometimes takes monstrous forms in the process of transformation of people. There is a misconception that transgender is the third gender.

Why do some people consider themselves to be transgender?

In the US there are about 700 thousand people that can relate themselves to transgender people. It happens that one is born a male, raised as male, but all his life he felt like a woman. However, a transgender born as a man will not always feel like a woman. That is he feels neither man nor woman. It may be true that a person was born a man and to a certain age felt in love with women, but he felt himself a woman also. After the sex change this person will also continue to coexist with women but now he is a homosexual. However, such people may not experience sexual attraction to both genders. Thus, transgender has nothing to do with sexual attraction. To understand how transgender people feel you can conduct a little thought experiment. Imagine you are offered $100 million for a sex change (assuming that you are not transgender), would you agree? Almost all definitely answer "NO" because after that surgery they will feel uncomfortable in someone else's body. And it is absolutely right and now imagine that you are originally born in the wrong body. However, there are the cases when a person is not transgender, but looks like a member of the opposite sex. You can see a lot of them.

Most transgender people stop at changing the passport and do not continue the most decisive operation, which would seem intended. If that's not enough, then after about a year and a half there will be re-appointed commission.  It addresses the issue about the need for hormonal treatment. Women who are taking combined oral contraceptives know how one little tablet per day sometimes affects physiological and psychological state: adds pounds, causes headaches, kills libido, causes mood unpredictable ride from euphoria to despair. But you can refuse contraceptives at some point. Traditionally, therapy is started at least 6-12 months before surgery, which allows preparing the patient for the postoperative period. If the gender is changed from male to female, it is used a combination of drugs containing both an estrogen and a progestogen, and monophasic oral contraceptives with antiandrogen action. Transgender hormone therapy for a reason is called a substitution: it does not kill typical of the original biological sex patient’s hormones but pushes them into the background. By the way, the use of hormonal drugs but not surgery plays a crucial role in changing a person's appearance. The biological male taking estrogen, the figure becomes more rounded, smoothed facial features; biological women taking androgens, the forms become angular shape, there is a facial hair and so on. However, the main task of the endocrinologist, who leads a transgender patient, is not so much to provide him with a new body, how to determine safe dosage and to minimize side effects: their number is huge, and some can lead to deadly diseases. So, when man become a woman there are increasing risk of developing prostate cancer, osteoporosis, venous thrombosis, blockage of a blood clot of the pulmonary artery. When woman become a men they are susceptible to oncological diseases: it is often recommended not only to do a mastectomy, but also to remove the uterus and ovaries to maximize the safe side.

And what is then?

We would like to exclaim that after commissions, hormonal therapy, surgery there is a new life! But it is not. Life goes on the same. And people in general remain the same. If transgender before the first call to the psychiatrist was dressed, sheared, and generally positioned himself as the representative of the opposite sex, then after operation he doesn't even have to change household habits. Moreover, according to the law, the fact that transgender was under the supervision of psychiatrists, should not affect his right to drive a car or build a career. Technically, there is no obstacle for participation in professional sports for transgender. Professionals say that hormone therapy taken by transgender people may become an obstacle to their participation in competitions only in some cases. Another issue is that their method dramatically reduces the results. There are existed illegal drugs that increase testosterone levels, so complications can arise in woman who want to become a man. In any case, such an athlete shall notify his management about that he went through the transformation or is in the process: genotype sooner or later will check and deception will be punished.

Transsexuals are often very lonely people. They are separated from family, rent apartments and it is difficult to find a partner. But this is only part of the problem. When deciding on a sex change man thinks he has finally become himself and is deeply mistaken: the identity cannot be changed. There is remained an internal conflict that arose at the stage of awareness of his body as a stranger. Even before the sex reassignment process will become irreversible, psychiatrists and psychologists should explain to the patient that he will not find himself, because he is already there. The task of doctors is to make every effort to bring the transgender in the state in which he will feel the harmony without surgery. And here it does not matter the famous transgender or unknown, rich or poor. Transgender is not a disease, but often accompanied by depression due to isolation, hatred of body or discrimination. From the American list of mental disorders gender identity disorder was removed in 2013 and replaced with “gender dysphoria”. It is stress caused by the rejection of transgender by the man himself or his entourage.

It is said a lot about transgender people. It is actually a very hard life because of the misunderstanding of the surrounding people who condemn the fact that someone may not be comfortable in his own body. But these people, who decided on the surgery, could finally breathe freely and feel themselves who they really are.

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