War Essay On All Quiet On The Western Front


Are you tired of writing essays? So, welcome to the best website where you can find the paper writer online who will help you to write any essay. Now you are going to read one of them. So, All Quiet On The Western Front essay is about the war. From my previous post you can learn how to write war essay. It is not always easy to read about the war and this book is not an exception. Although it differs from many others – here you will not find the attempts to justify and blame anyone and anything. The author does not divide people into “us” and “them”. There is no a military patriotism and things like that. I can feel only the anguish and sadness of the thousands slaughtered lives and innocent people from both sides; the senselessness and the ruthlessness of happening and the inability to change anything.

Probably, if there were no wars, Remark had nothing to write. Despite the fact that it is exactly about the war: battles, struggles, the fear of the soldiers, wounds and injuries and the most important – about people. It is about boys who have seen nothing but hostilities, who did not have youth and even those who are still alive will not be able to live the full life. This work is the pain of all the people who were ever involved in the war. There is no right, but each is victim – a mother who sent her son to the war, a husband who hasn’t been seeing his wife for several years and a soldier who didn’t feel love.  Here, Remark wrote no justification for the actions of Nazi Germany, that’s probably why the book is good. He is telling us only what was there without any exaggeration. This is the story, and if it happened, then our task is to draw conclusions.

The naked truth about the First World War

This story tells the 19-year-old guy whose name is Paul Baumer. It was a boy who in a short time became an adult. He and some of his companions came to the forefront almost from a school bench. Some of them still hope to return and pass the exams after the war. The life of the protagonist is the central point of the narrative. Through his eyes, the reader sees the soldier’s life, attacks, hospitals, death. His thoughts are about all his experiences in the war that will deeply touch everyone who reads this book, I’m sure. Here the war is shown without pathos, without bravado, without embellishment. The author wrote it like it was just a military routine. It is a book that everybody should read. After it, you will particularly acutely to appreciate the life. What is the book about? Is it about the war? First and foremost, it is about life. It is about how destiny, identity and worldview of young guys at the front became broken. A cocktail of thoughts of the protagonist is striking: here we see an absolute cynicism, and true friendship, and philosophizing about the world in general, about what really is important in life, and without which you can exist easily.

I should also mention the descriptions of life at the front. This book is without censorship. Nowadays, after so many books and so many films it seems will have no surprise. War is war, it is terrible and all people know it. But in the book All Quiet On The Western Front the horrors of war are revealed so vividly, lushly, scary and described so calmly, quietly, that it is impossible to remain indifferent, and the horrific pictures stand before eyes.

The book is valuable because it shows the psychology of the soldier, his fears and pain, suffering and anguish of the common man who passed through the hell of death. By the thoughts of the protagonist of this book Paul, the author addressing the reader reveals the true face of war. After returning from a military infirmary where Paul saw firsthand what war is, the young soldier calls a human civilization “false and worthless”, a civilization that “could not prevent the flow of blood.” The writer brings us to the idea that any war is a shame for mankind and there is no justification for war to any state. The relevance of the novel All Quiet On The Western Front is undeniable. The war should disappear from the face of the Earth, not just calm down for some time.

Erich Maria Remarque

All essays on All Quiet On The Western Front have the brief biography of the author and mine is not the exception. Erich Maria Remarque is the nickname of the famous German writer Erich Paul Remark, which brought in literature the term “lost generation”. Remarque was born in 1898 and in 1929 wrote the novel “All Quiet On The Western Front”, which made him popular. In this work, the author showed all horrors of war inside, all the misfortunes and losses that saw soldiers, not pathos and slogans that proclaimed power. He had many successful popular works, but this book has overshadowed the others by its glory.

Remarque was born in a poor family in the province of lower Saxony. His family roots were French, but in the 19th century the ancestors moved to Germany. The Father of the famous writer Peter Franz Remarque worked as a bookbinder. He earned not very much and the family had no great wealth. Despite the fact that his father wasn’t interested in science and literature, he had a deep interest in the occult and the supernatural. Erich Maria grew very smart and a well-read boy. He was the best student in class.

The study in University was interrupted by the war. Remarque was drafted into the army and at 18 years he went to the front. He was on the side of his country, was wounded repeatedly and the rest of the war he had to stay in the hospital. After the war, he worked a lot. When he started to write his first works there was presented a characteristic Remarque’s manner to describe the events simple, uncomplicated, by understandable language, with cleverly observed details. But in the early postwar years it was not appreciated by readers and novels went unnoticed. In 1925, the writer received an editor position in the sports newspaper for which he wrote reports.

Remarque became famous by his third novel “All Quiet On The Western Front”, which was very relevant in the post-war period and caused aggressive political differences. The publisher rejected the first book, but when in 1928 it was published in the Berlin newspaper it made a furor. The 1.2 million copies of this book were sold in just the first year. There Remarque wanted to show, to emphasize, to highlight that war is not necessary to people. It is meaningless, unnatural and inhuman. The author conveyed the tragedy of people who were forced to fight and to kill. People whose ideals were crumbling, the world was collapsing, and the salvation was found only in the net of human relationships, in friendship, love and loyalty. Through the whole book felt pacifist appeals. The novel touched the hearts of the majority because the war touched almost every family. Someone have lost relatives due to those horrible events, someone came through that hell and had to live with terrible memories, with pictures of fallen comrades in the head. Therefore, the novel was translated into almost all European languages.

For a long time Remarque was suffering from an aneurysm and after months of treatment in 1970 the Great writer died at the age of 72 years.

About Remarque I can say that he is such a “tragic genius” because his books are filled with sadness and tenderness at the same time, these books very hard to read in the mental sense. Remarque is very truthfully and realistically describes war by the perception of an ordinary human. And no matter how sad this book, Remarque wrote so that I wanted to read it more and more. Try to start at least a few pages, and I am sure you will read it up to the end! Hope you liked this essay on All Quiet On The Western Front. Get help with your essay today! Visit our website and you will find a lot of useful information about us, our services, prices, writers etc.