Warren Buffet Essay:The More You Give Love, the More You Get


Does anybody know how to become as rich as the Arab oil sheikh? Warren Buffet knows everything about not only money and how to make them quickly. He knows how to spend dollars reasonably! If you still have no info about this legendary business magnate, the essays of Warren Buffet will tell you about his kind heart, big soul, and fantastic capital.

Earning Millions

How to start earning millions and take the first place in the list of the richest people? Until you just dream about being wealthy and invent the new plans how to bring your desire to life, some of your opponents are building their careers, producing oil, and gambling on the stock exchange.

What do you need so much money for? Are you going to build a castle up to the sky, or you want to travel around the world and do this on your own Boeing?

A lot of people are dreaming about being rich, though when they are asked why they need this, they clip their eyes and do something like that, “Hmm.” Despite the fact, that it is really possible to earn millions of dollars daily, not everybody knows what to do with such fantastic capital then.

I am an ordinary student and the world ‘million’ is too far from me. Frankly speaking, I am absolutely satisfied with my life and feel no necessity to lay myself out in attempt to become number one in the Forbes list.

If I Were Rich…

Maybe I am too conservative and my views of life may seem out-of-date, though I am still sure that each of us should be a bit more attentive to those, who are around us and who need our help. Is it possible to eat, drink, and wear super fancy clothes, when there are so many poor and hungry children in the world? Of course, it is impossible to help all of them, to embrace them and tell a word of encouragement to everybody, but it is possible to help at least one needy and make his life better.

It is the acme of stupidity to dream about getting an ability to incrust the luxury cars with brilliants, buy super expensive brand clothes, eat a life and wash it down with whisky. If I were rich, I wouldn’t think what to do with my earning for too long. I would simply share my billions with people in need. Charity is really a noble work!

The Greatest Philanthropist

Have you ever thought about the multibillionaires and the purchases they make? What do they spend their money on?

I am a great admirer of reading the magazines and there is no new article, which can escape me. I have thousands of publications and all of them are kept by me carefully. I have a small pantry in my house, which was equipped especially for my magazines. You may count me a bit strange like my parents do, though it is just a bee in my bonnet. Finally, my mom stopped falling in a faint each time, when I carried the piles of magazines to the pantry and spent hours here in attempt to put them in chronological order. She says that it is just a dust collector and nothing more, though I am sure that one fine day I will arrange an exhibition and the art historians will be ready to pay a pretty sum of money for these documents.

Frankly speaking, it becomes less and less interesting to look through the glossy magazines and see the same headlines day after day. How to become rich, how to spend your first million, the most expensive purchase of 2016… It is so boring! It seems that the world circles money only.

The first article about Warren Buffet made me start looking at the millionaires from another side. This great philanthropist spent nearly all his money on charity and made no sensation of this. A desire to compose the essay of Warren Buffett appeared in my head right at the moment, when the article was read up to the end. I waited for a day, when I was given a task to compose a free essay and soon this day came.

Dine With Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet became my idol. I know that Christianity and other world religions don’t allow to make any idols, though I think that my case may become an exception. The first time, when I read about his good deeds, I promised myself that if I ever became a millionaire, I would spend a pretty amount of my money on charity like Warren Buffet did.

When I got know that the annual auction under the name “Power Lunch” gave its winner a chance to dine with Warren Buffet, it became my dearest dream to eat lunch with this great person and I started writing about it in my Warren Buffett essay. I understood that I had too many things to do before to get an opportunity to become the next winner of this auction, though I was ready to meet any difficulty.

Have a Dream? Go to It!

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I want to tell all people, who are not good at writing, math, or anything else. Don’t lose your heart only because you can’t cope with this or that task today. Tomorrow may change everything dramatically! As Warren Buffet says, “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.” This rule really works!

Don’t doubt your success and soon you will be really successful.