What Is Racism Essay


It would seem that in our modern world, in civilized society there is no place for such a phenomenon as racism. Unfortunately, racism is still urgent problem, and in this racism today essay we will explain what it is, and what its forms are. Also we will give you an idea about racism in the USA, so partially this is racism in America essay. Let’s begin.

Racism – what is it?

Racism is a preconception about the “superiority” of one race over another. In modern world word “racism” usually means “white racism”. So called “white racism” is a deceitful and criminal concept about superiority of the white race over the black and coloured.

Historically the white race achieved bigger progress in science, culture, and technology development. Meanwhile many Negroes were in slavery, and Asians were too poor and geographically distant from the centers of world civilization. This “civilization” inequality gave a push to racism. Here began prejudices according to which white race is considered “elite”. The racism phenomenon is widespread all over the world despite the efforts of the governments to establish equality among the races.

Racism essence

For a long time no one doubted that different races exist. But during the last decade many American anthropologists claimed that in fact races do not exist, and distinguishing the races means nothing else but racism. It is possible to understand these people. Their views are kind of reaction to long dominance in the USA racist ideas that were revealed in various forms of discrimination.

Although it is impossible to agree with these views. The existence of the human races is an undoubted fact. And there is nothing “racist” in recognizing this. Racism begins when one of the races is declared to be superior, and others are inferior. Since initially the racist ideas were formed by the Europeans only, the superior race was considered to be the white race. After the white race there was yellow race, and after it – the black race. But the racists did not stop at the big races only. Among caucasian race there can be another division, when one of the small races were called premium, and others were second-rate and third-rate.

Forms of the racism

Trying to classify racist ideas, there can be distinguished three main forms.

The first racism form is characterized by the existence of the real races, whether they are big or small. It is called real-racial racism.

The second form of the racism means that all ethnicities or some of them are declared to be races, and then some races are called superior and others inferior. This form can be called ethnic racism.

But the main problem is that the boundaries between ethnic groups never coincide with the boundaries between races. There is no race, all the representatives of which belong to one ethnos. For example, the Central European race includes a significant part of Germans, Austrians, northern Italians, Czechs, Slovaks, Poles and Ukrainians. There are no coincidence not only between races and ethnic groups, but also between the races, and language families.

And, finally, the third racism form implies that the social classes were divided in superior and inferior races. The representatives of the dominant class are superior race, and other classes are inferior. This racism form can be called social class racism, or in other words socio-racism.

All these forms were not only closely related to each other, but also often mutually intertwined. In almost every racist concept the elements of real-racial racism, ethnic racism, and socio-racism peacefully coexisted.

As any false concept, racism was based on exaggerating and absolutisation of certain facts of reality that made the racist concept seem true. For example, it is fact that some people are more gifted by nature and others are less gifted. It is fact that in class society there is division among people in educational level, cultural level and so on.

There is the concept of cultural relativism, according to which all the human cultures are absolutely equal and they can not be divided into lower (inferior) and higher (superior).

Racism in the USA

Modern racist concepts appeared only in the 19th century in the USA. They were created to justify the slavery of blacks.

The times of the struggle for equal rights for blacks and whites are already gone. The last mass action against the racism was in 1965 and it ended in bloodshed. But even half a century later there are still racist problems in the USA.

1865 is the year of abolition of slavery and granting citizenship to Blacks, however many of their rights remain unrecognized.

But one hundred years later, in 1965, the enthusiastic crowd listened to speeches of Martin Luther King. The same year was enacted a law, which allowed Afro-Americans to participate in all elections in the United States. Despite this fact racism still divides American society. In 1967 black taxi chauffeur was killed by white policeman. In 1992 four policemen beat an innocent African-American driver. These and other events led to numerous mass protests and to people deaths.

Today the situation is almost the same.

Racism still regularly becomes a subject of heated debates. In 2012 policeman George Zimmerman shot Afro-American Trayvon Martin. Despite numerous acts of civil disagreement, the police officer was later acquitted.

In summer 2014 in Texas white policeman shot 18-year-old Michele Braun. A wave of protests this time swept all the United States. And racism again became urgent problem of American society.

Racism in the USA is very vexed problem. However not only black representatives are discriminated and harassed, today in the USA there are many cases of the so-called “white racism”, when light-skinned population is oppressed in favor of blacks.

Racial discrimination is still widespread in the USA, and today all the citizens, blacks and whites, must follow what they say and do, because any action, even the most innocent, may be misunderstood and treated as crime based on racial hatred.

William Ferris, a researcher from the Center for the Study of the South at the University of North Carolina noticed that racism is like cancer – it can not be cured completely, you can only achieve a remission.

So the country needs many years, decades and even centuries to change the situation. Well, let’s see what will happen next.

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