What Role Does The Constitution Play In the US Society?


Why do people need a Constitution?

Before we talk about what a constitution is, let`s first explain why it was created long ago. Let`s start by looking at the fundamental things we all need as human beings. These are our voice and decisions that affect our lives; material well-being such as food, shelter and education, security and protection from violence or discrimination, recognition and respect. To help meet these needs people create governments and delegate powers to them to exercise for the common good of society. The problem though is that when the government needs power to perform their functions, such power without limits can lead to corruption, dictatorship and oppression.  Free and fair elections might help to ensure good government, people can select who they want to rule the country and satisfy their needs. But we also need some basic rules to control how that power is used, so those who win elections still have to respect your rights and promote your interests rather than use your power on their own benefit. Every constitution sets a list of rules by which all the citizens are connected. It is a well-known fact, that the constitution is not just an ordinary law; it is a supreme law, which establishes the way of how different laws are created. The Constitution is also more difficult to change than the ordinary laws.

The role of the US Constitution

Some people call the US Constitution `a living document`. Even though it looks like a dry piece of paper to some people, the creating process was obviously much more difficult, than we can imagine. Of course, the creators knew that it could be changed with the times. It couldn`t have stayed unaltered because of the world development, globalization, technological   and culture progress. Actually, they were creating the document that wasn`t perfect, because everybody understood it was impossible to create complete and absolute Constitution within such short period of time. During the last 200 years, it was changed and amended 27 times. And it`s understandable that the future will bring even more amendments. In order to understand the role of the US Constitution nowadays, you should look at the first 52 words, which had never been changed. You will find that these are the most important, because they state the 6 core purposes for which the Constitution was written. These words are so important that they dictate what the rest of the Constitution should be guided by its interpretation. For the sake of simplicity and clarity, I will rephrase these words: the Constitution is created in order to connect the states, to establish justice, to ensure peace, to provide defense, to promote general welfare and to secure liberty now and for future. Thus, everything else in the Constitution is supposed to serve only these 6 purposes.

How to write essays on the constitution

If you studied constitutional law at the university or are interested in the Constitution of the United Stated, it might not be difficult for you to write constitution essay. Gathering appropriate information about the process of the US constitutions creation, ratification would widen your world outlook, so the US constitution essay will be outstanding. First of all, you should deal with the huge amount of facts and information, which you can find in various constitutional law essays and different international law sources. You can refer to an essay on constitution of different countries, which will lead you to a certain conclusion on the topic. You might want to compare different constitutions of the countries with absolutely diverse forms of government. Even though, there are a lot of argumentative facts and discussions, you shouldn`t follow only one author or cite him. The best way to write the constitution essay is to construct your own opinion on the topic you want to deliver. At the beginning, you should refer to the definition of the constitution and its role in relationships between people and state and between different states. It might not be easy, because our Constitution differs much from other countries, it has different process of amendment, different goals and priorities than, for instance, the US Constitution. Essay on our Constitution is supposed to be the one you are familiar with, because the law system is more understandable for the citizens of the country, not the foreigners. If you find it difficult to write essay about the constitution, there is a solution, just click here and order essay online or check this site Bigessaywriter.com for more information. You will be able to find essays on different topics and manners at Bigessaywriter.com. No doubts, it will be of a great benefit for you at writing essay about the constitution of the United States as well. There, you can find some useful services, such as editing essays online or even making essays online.

In conclusion, it should be noted, that the importance of US Constitution nowadays is still very high. If you are the citizen of the USA or are aiming to gain US citizenship, your obligation is to memorize by heart the first 52 words from the Constitution, the 6 aspects of what the rest of the Constitution is designed to support and to guide. If you are not the citizen of the USA, you can try your best and write essay on the US constitution in order to get a clear understanding of its role, main goals, the process of creation, which was complex but wise at the same time. Comparative analysis of the US Constitution and the Constitution of your own country might be of a great use for your self-education and further development.