Why Printed Books Are Losing Popularity


Since the very inception of e-books, it has been claimed year after year that the printed books will soon die out and will be replaced by new digital inventions. Nowadays, however, there is an on-going debate whether this will really happen, or whether printed books might win the competition. E-books have long become an inseparable part of modern life, but currently the sales of e-books seem to slow down, which is why it is claimed that e-books are going out of fashion. However, it is unlikely that e-books will be once again replaced by printed books as the development of digital technologies is not going to stop. Although e-books seem to “lose ground”, it does not mean that they are not selling. It probably means that most people already have e-books as you do not have to buy many of them like in the case of printed books. Let us discuss the benefits of e-books over printed ones that will explain why printed books are gradually losing their popularity.

  • The major benefit of e-books is that you can carry the whole library of various books in your pocket without a necessity to buy a new book every time. You can read the books whenever you want and wherever you go. Electronic books have turned the world upside down. These innovative devices are highly convenient to use and have almost no flaws. A great variety of books can be stored in one place. The books don’t take too much place on the device, which means that the capacity of e-books is almost limitless.
  • E-books do not cause harm to the environment, as no trees are cut down for making such a book. In the modern conditions of poor ecology and ever-going deforestation, e-books represent the only way to make a change even though it might seem insignificant.
  • E-books provide much mobility as after reading some book in which you might have found a reference to the other author, you can easily search for that author and look up for the books he/she has published. This opportunity is unavailable in the case of physical books.
  • You can travel wherever you want with the whole library of your favorite authors. No matter whether you use an e-reader or keep your books on a phone, you will be able to carry them around with you wherever you go. This is impossible if you prefer reading physical books as you cannot carry such a great amount of books with you while going on a summer vacation, for example. E-books are the best solution for everyone who is fond of traveling.
  • E-books also provide an opportunity to read in the dark. If you keep annoying your roommate when you read the book with lights on, you can solve this problem by purchasing an e-book. It makes it possible to read in the dark without any inconveniences that often accompany reading physical books at night when you have to use a flashlight or a lamp causing trouble to your sleeping partner.
  • It is common knowledge that some of the printed books have too small font-size, which makes it hard for people with poor eyesight to read them. E-books are highly useful for everyone who has problems with eyesight as you can adjust the font size to match your preferences and needs.
  • E-books make it easy to annotate and bookmark. That is why they are highly useful for college students and investigators who especially need to bookmark the books they are reading.
  • With the development of technologies, it became much easier to purchase books. You no longer have to go to bookstores to buy what you want. E-books provide an opportunity to purchase your favorite book in no time. It takes several seconds for you to get what you want. Buying online is in every respect a good solution if you do not want to spend much time on traditional shopping.
  • E-books are less expensive than printed books especially if you enjoy reading much and need to refresh your library from time to time. With e-books you will be able to purchase as many books as you want without a necessity to go to the library or buy books in the bookstores.
  • E-books also provide an opportunity to make on-page links that will help you to obtain further information. If you have come across some unfamiliar word or found something that is of great interest to you, e-books will make it easier to look up the word or research the topic further. It is an automatic function that proves to be highly useful for students and those who are tasked with conducting a research.
  • Furthermore, it is obvious that printed books do not come with video or audio options. However, e-books provide an opportunity to introduce both into the book you are reading, which will make the whole process of reading more enjoyable and pleasant.

The above benefits prove that e-books have serious grounds to replace printed books and in the future they are likely to replace the printed versions completely, although some people have doubts concerning this tendency. Some people claim that there are also significant drawbacks of e-books like the fact that you have to stare at the screen for many hours during the day in order to read a book which is bad for your eyesight causing damage to your health. Other people claim that e-books do not provide “book satisfaction” like when you turn the pages of a printed book and feel the favorite smell of a new book. E-books deprive people of this pleasure, but still their benefits cannot be underestimated. It is up to you to decide whether you want to stick to traditions or keep up with new technologies.

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