Worldview Essay: Faith in My Heart


I meet such a term as ‘worldview’ more than often. I switch on TV and hear it; I go online and a lot of articles about worldview catch my eye; my friends discuss it all the time and each of them tries to suggest his own concept and prove that it is the most correct one. Everybody knows this word, though not everybody is able to give the clear definition of it. What is a worldview?

The authoritative sources say that it is the way you look at your life and the world; it is your understanding of the world’s creating and its further development; it’s the way how you interpret our existence.

The last place, where I heard about worldview, was my classroom. Our tutor gathered us there and told to reflect on this topic in our worldview essays. Frankly speaking, I didn’t expect for such a turn, though it was not in my power to change anything. I was among those, who had to indulge in their own self-analysis and write down their vision of life. Was it interesting? I doubted this.

What’s the Alternative?

I was able to explain my unwillingness to work at this essay. It was the first time, when the ordinary essay topic brought such a storm of emotions into my soul, by the way.

Everything was easy. It was not in my habit to tell everybody about the things, which seemed to be too sacred and intimate for me. Telling to everybody about my own ideas and rules in my worldview essay was the last thing, which I wanted to discuss among my fellow students. I had my own principles, my own way, and I built my life according to them. I didn’t want to share this info with anybody! Yeah, it was a written task, though it was evident that such a topic would cause a furor. Everybody would try to talk about the essays and I was pretty sure in this. I knew my fellow students; they were super curios and they liked to poke their noses the into other people’s affairs.

I was a Christian and I tried to keep to the religious doctrines throughout my life. My believing parents brought me in keeping with the best religious traditions and there was nothing strange in the fact that when I grew older, I became a true Christian. Somebody may take this as the out-of-date manner of upbringing, though I saw nothing unusual in it and I was thankful to my parents for love, which they gave me. Love to God was measureless. Of course, I was like a black sheep among some of my age-mates, who had no faith in their hearts. I got used to keep silent and not to announce my view in public. I guessed it was unnecessary.

There were a lot of people, who were sure that the mankind became too progressive and it was strange to pay so much attention to the religious education. The technological progress made them deny any divine being. I could say even more: it killed the last hope for reanimating these souls. Unlike them, I continued believing in God despite of the stage of development, on which our society was.

Don’t think that I denied everything except the Bible. I had the Smartphone, I used computer and other devices, and I read the e-books more often than the printed ones. I was not a person, who wanted to make no move. I was in step with the times, though I treasured my faith, which was inside my heart.

I thought it was evident that such a situation and my surrounding didn’t make me have a desire to be engaged into any conversations about the worldview. Of course, I knew that there were no lose-lose situations and I could choose another way even when it seemed to be impossible. Which one? I could simply use my imagination and write a story not about myself. Humph, I refused such a variant at once. My imagination didn’t let me do this. I knew that my scam would be disclosed immediately. I was really a too poor dreamer and my so-called personal worldview essay would bring me no good.

I kept on thinking…

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Bingo! Suddenly I understood what I should do to have my cake and eat it. I didn’t know why such a primitive and effective alternative hadn’t visited me earlier. I thought my idea was genial and I hastened to turn it into life immediately.

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