Writing A Philosophical Essay On Probabilities


If you are a math student or the philosophy major it is very likely that you will be assigned to compose a philosophical essay on probabilities. Writing a philosophical essay on probabilities is not an easy task, since it is primarily concerned with mathematical concepts which are not easily transcribed into simple words. Therefore, before you start planning your future philosophical essay on probabilities it is better if you prepare by reading this post about writing techniques and doing some research. In your philosophical essay on probabilities you will need to bring up some examples and reading this popular topic post will help you to find some good ones. But if you don’t have time to research and compose a philosophical essay on probabilities then you can order it to be custom written for you here. If you decide to write a philosophical essay on probabilities by yourself then you might find useful the following information.

Writing a philosophical essay

A philosophical essay as any other types of essay requires specific form and structure. You cannot just tell everything you think about the subject as you would do with a narrative essay, an example of which you can see here, because every paragraph of a philosophical essay has its function and meaning. Let us discuss the structure of a philosophical essay and learn the purpose of each paragraph that appears in it. You can find more extensive information in this philosophical essay writing guide.   

Philosophical essay structure:

  1. Introduction. In this very first paragraph you have to present the problem you are going to discuss in the essay. It has to include a thesis statement and a roadmap of your future essay — briefly tell the reader what you are going to talk about;
  2.  Description. In this next paragraph you must describe the matter at hands, in our case it is the theory of probabilities. Bring up the definition, names of major theories and concepts, etc;
  3. Argument. This is where you have to make your point and express your opinion. Do not be vague or unsure expressing your point of view, but also avoid being too categorical and stating things like the theory of probabilities is not true. Remember that you will have to support your opinions later in the essay, so better make the point that is possible to argue about;
  4. Objection. In this paragraph you need to question the previously made statement. Imagine that somebody disagrees with you and write down the objections they make;
  5. Response. Now it is the time for you to prove the point you made in the third paragraph by responding to the objections brought up the fourth one. This is the part where you can use some examples to support your arguments;
  6. Conclusion. In this last paragraph you remind your readers what you talked about in the essay. Sum up all main points, arguments and responses.

What is the theory of probabilities?

Before you make any definite argument in your essay you would have to give the readers more general information about the topic.  So begin by saying that the theory of probabilities to certain extant is used in every science: in physics, statistics, math, biology, economics, chemistry, medicine, law, computer science, etc. The theory of probability is defined as the probability of some event — it is the ratio of the total number of possibilities in which this event occurs. There are different schools of interpretation of probability: classical, propensity, subjectivist, logical and frequentist. If you want to study this matter more deeply, there is a plenty of information about it available in Wikipedia.  

The arguments to make in your philosophical essay on probabilities

You cannot write a philosophical essay simply by describing all the information you learned about probabilities. In this type of essay you required you make some arguments and support them. The subject of probabilities is mostly expressed in mathematical concepts, like formulas and numbers, which are not possible to use in an essay. You main task is to find a way to discuss this topic from philosophical point of view in ordinary non-mathematical language. So what kind of philosophical arguments about probability you could come up with?

You could consider using this argument — does theory of probabilities belong to our everyday life or is it just a scientific concept that has no use for ordinary people? Ask yourself and the readers if probabilities really exist out there in the world in the form of frequencies or propensities? If it is an objective feature of reality or just a subjective believe that exists only in our heads?

Support your arguments

Finding a way to support your arguments can be harder than discovering the arguments themselves, but nonetheless it is possible and you have to do it. So how could you support your argument that probabilities it is not just abstract subjective scientific concept but has objective implementation in everyday lives of ordinary people? Consider stating that probability plays crucial role in our reasoning — the way we choose and make decisions every day. We do it unconsciously yes, but it does not change the fact that we use probabilities. It is not an abstract concept, in fact, it is logic. Whenever we find uncertainty — we will find probability that means almost everywhere in human life. To make it sound more convincing make a real life example, like one from a court room. A fate of man accused of murder depends on the juries who consider all probabilities of the evidence from both sides being true or false. We calculate many things in our heads every day not being aware of using the theory of probabilities.

Get an excellent mark on your philosophical essay on probabilities

Writing a philosophical essay can be a challenging task especially when the topic is the theory of probabilities. Before beginning to compose, learn the structure of this type of paper, choose your arguments and only then create an outline. If your life is too busy right now for managing such task you can trust our professional writers to do it for you. If you still hesitate whether you should use such kind of service, please read this article, which will give you 8 reasons to order your essay online. We hope this information will help you to get an excellent mark on your philosophical essay on probabilities.