Writing an Essay on Eating Disorders: Key Points


Before you start writing an essay on eating disorders, you need to learn the basic facts about this kind of illness. The first thing you have to do is to explore the topic in general, and afterwards gain more knowledge on the specific issue that you are asked to describe or analyze. Eating disorder essays should start from a definition of the condition. You should then investigate the causes and symptoms of the disorder as well as provide some additional information about this disease. Essays on eating disorders can be hard to write if you do not investigate the topic to full extent to understand why people develop these disorders and what major means of treatment are used these days. Eating disorders essay should contain enough factual data and statistics to prove your claims and explore the prevalence of the condition among different categories of people. Here are some tips on how to write an eating disorder essay.

  • Your essay on eating disorders should first of all contain a definition of this illness. Eating disorder can be defined as an illness characterized with abnormal and irregular eating patterns as well as a serious concern about one’s weight or body shape. This type of disorder might include eating excessive amounts of food, which can consequently cause harm to the person’s health and well-being. The most widely spread eating disorders include anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. These disorders affect both males and females. Eating deviations can develop at any stage of one’s life. However, as a rule, they are developed at the teen age and in early adulthood. These disorders represent a medical condition and require appropriate treatment. Even though the condition can be cured, the consequences of eating disorders might be devastating or even fatal if not addressed in a timely manner. It should also be mentioned in your essay that eating disorders do not exist on their own, as they are usually accompanied by some other conditions especially mental disturbances, including anxiety, depression and substance abuse.
  • The next step in writing your essay on eating disorders would be to analyze the most widely spread types of eating disorders. The first common type of eating disorders is anorexia. This condition is characterized with an excessive fear of weight gain as well as a deviated perception of one’s body shape and weight. People suffering from anorexia usually restrict themselves from eating too much in order not to gain weight, even though it is evident that they are underweight. This condition can have detrimental effects on one’s health, including bone loss, infertility and brain damage. This eating disorder is associated with the highest death rates compared to other disorders. People with anorexia often die from exhaustion of their bodies.
  • Bulimia is another type of eating disorders that is distinguished by overeating followed by vomiting. It is also characterized with excessive physical activity and the use of diuretics. Bulimia can be developed by both men and women who might be afraid of gaining weight and feel unhappy with their body shape. Overeating is usually done in secret, and this facilitates a felling of shame and guilt as people suffering from this condition cannot control their actions. The effects of this condition include gastrointestinal troubles, problems with heart and various other imbalances.
  • The last most common eating disorder to be discussed in your essay is binge eating disorder. People suffering from this condition are known to lose control over their eating habits. Unlike other types of eating disorders, overeating is not followed by excessive exercises or vomiting. For this reason, many people with this type of disorder usually suffer from obesity, which poses a threat of developing cardiovascular diseases. Just like in case of bulimia, people suffering from binge eating disorder usually experience strong feelings of embarrassment and guilt, and this factor greatly aggravates the progression of the disease.
  • After analyzing different types of eating disorders, it is reasonable to proceed with discussing the causes of various eating disorders as a whole. Eating disorder is a complex disease that is influenced by a whole range of factors. Although it is hard to say for sure what causes the development of eating disorders, it is commonly believed that these conditions are caused by a mixture of psychological, biological and environmental deviations among others. Biological factors include hormonal deviations, genetic susceptibility and lack of nutrition. The psychological factors might include dissatisfaction with one’s body and low self-esteem. As for the environmental factors, these include family dysfunctions, career requirements in professions like modeling and ballet-dancing, going in for sports oriented at aesthetics including gymnastics, running and wrestling, traumatic events in one’s childhood including sexual abuse, stressful events or changes in one’s life as well as peer pressure from colleagues and friends.
  • The final step in writing an essay on eating disorder is to investigate the most common symptoms of this condition and some effective means of treatment. As for the symptoms, people suffering from eating disorders usually develop such symptoms as constant fluctuations of weight, constant dieting in spite of being underweight, obsessive attitude to calories and the amount of food consumed, hiding food or eating in solitude, obsession with various recipes for the sake of losing weight, depression, social isolation from friends and family and periods of excessive food consumption followed by vomiting.
  • As for the treatment of eating disorders, there are various treatment plans oriented on the health restoration of people suffering from these conditions. The treatment options in case of eating disorders include psychological assistance, healthy diet aimed at weight stabilization, providing guidance for normalization of eating habits as well as prescription of medications depending on the severity of the disorder. Certain medications can be helpful in resolving not only the symptoms of the eating disorder but also the anxiety symptoms and mood swings that usually accompany this disease. It is of great importance to address eating disorders in a timely and efficient manner to avoid the aggravation of the patient’s condition and in the worst-case scenario, fatal consequences. All this can be included in your essay on eating disorders.

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