Writing Christopher Columbus Hero or Villain Essay


Although a great number of school books depict Christopher Columbus as a renowned Italian discoverer who opened a new world, history draws a more complicated image of this explorer. The question of whether Christopher Columbus was an invader or simply an explorer is still discussed by the global community. Was he a talented seaman or an ambitious adventurer? This question cannot be answered right away. That is why it is not easy to write essays on Christopher Columbus as a part of one’s high school education. Any essay on Christopher Columbus should explore the true motives of his travels across the world and to America in particular. Christopher Columbus hero or villain essay deals with the dubious question of whether this explorer was really a noble figure in the American history. Here are some tips on how to write Christopher Columbus essays. 

  • Christopher Columbus essay should be aimed at exploring the true story of the world famous figure in the history of America. Your Columbus essay might be based on the idea that Christopher Columbus never actually discovered America. However, this statement requires some proof. Even though you might undermine the fact that America had millions of inhabitants back in 1492, you cannot undermine the claim that Columbus might never have set foot on the shores of the Northern part of the country. It is suggested that although on the 12th of October Columbus arrived at the coasts of modern Haiti, Cuba and Dominican Republic, he is claimed to never have unfurled a flag of Spain on the shores of North America. This can be proved by the fact that Leif Eriksson is known as the first European sailor who have reached North America (specifically, Canada) 500 years before Christopher Columbus started his journey to the west.
  • At the same time, while writing an essay, you may mention that the voyage of Christopher Columbus has brought some fruit. Although he never reached the Asian shores as was planned, one cannot underestimate the courage which penetrated all of his voyages. It is undoubtedly courageous to undertake four journeys across the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 40. It requires much effort to do so, for which reason the voyage of Columbus to the shores of America deserves admiration.
  • It is claimed that Christopher Columbus was the first to introduce the idea that the world was not flat, but round. However, it is believed that in 1492, most European nations have already known that the Earth was not flat. The idea was actually established in the Ancient Greece. This is supposed to have happened in the 5th century BC. Therefore, it is a myth that Christopher Columbus was the one who established this fact. After his voyages, Columbus started to believe that it was indeed possible to conduct journeys round, which he greatly underestimated. You may mention this idea in your essay on Christopher Columbus to eliminate misinterpretation of the sailor’s contribution to the world’s history.
  • Another reality is that Christopher Columbus had concluded a fruitful deal with the Spanish people. He wanted to become wealthy and gain more power as a result of his voyages. Such terms were negotiated about with the King and Queen of Spain. He concluded a deal with the monarchs of the country, according to which Columbus was named the admiral and governor of any region he discovers. It was also stated that he would keep 10 percent of any precious stones, pearls, silver or gold that he acquires in the discovered land. Columbus may have had some noble intentions when he started his journey, but his agreement with the monarchs of Spain suggests that he had rather selfish intentions, which lacked nobility.
  • Another fact that does not make Christopher Columbus a hero or a noble man is that he enslaved the indigenous population of the area where he landed, which resulted in a tragedy for the natives. When Columbus arrived in Hispaniola, he met there the native people of that land known as Taino. These people were friendly and amiable and willingly traded animals, jewelry and various supplies to sailors. Christopher Columbus then wrote in his diary that they did not carry any weapon and therefore could not defend themselves so they would become good servants. These native people were soon enslaved by Columbus and were punished with the mutilation of body or even death if they failed to deliver enough gold (some of which Columbus kept for his own pleasure). All this led to the gradual decline of the population due to brutal treatment and various diseases that they suffered from as a result.
  • Finally, Christopher Columbus can hardly be called a noble man because he was ultimately arrested by the government of Spain. At the end of the 13th century, Spanish King and Queen got to know about how Spanish colonists mistreated the people of Hispaniola. For this reason, Columbus was arrested and brought back to his native country. He then admitted that the accusations of the monarchs were partially true, which resulted in him losing his title and some portion of money. All these facts cannot be underestimated, so if you were to defend the point of Columbus being a villain, you might mention them in your essay. This will give the readers a clear understanding of your viewpoint and provide enough evidence to support your ideas.

If you follow the above tips and use the mentioned facts in your essay, you will be able to write an essay in favor or against the claim of Christopher Columbus being either a hero or a villain. This will ensure that you provide enough evidence in support of your claim so that the readers will understand your point of view and consider it. By following the above recommendations, you will ensure that you get a high mark for your essay on Christopher Columbus. Don’t forget that your essay should be free from plagiarism, as it is forbidden in all the institutions across the country.

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